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Building Project, Phase I, Part 2

Happy Reformation Day, everyone!

A lot has happened over the last couple of days, and the inside of our church looks a lot different.

We found the need to venture into the sanctuary half of the church yesterday, even though that technically was to be part of Phase II.  While working on Phase I proper, however, the ceiling over the sanctuary was noticeably sagging.  Rather than leave that safety hazard, therefore, our members dove in and started to remove the ceiling.  We started by tearing out the drywall ceiling and the insulation.

Tearing Down the Drywall Ceiling


Rick and Jon said they felt like Godzilla breaking that all down.  It was really like watching Cookie Monster at work, getting into a giant cookie over his head.

Half of the drywall was taken down, and, once most of the debris was out of the way, it was time to start cutting into the steel.  You see, our church was originally constructed by putting two trailers together, so the outside walls and roofs are still largely intact.  But in the interests of higher ceilings, the steel had to go.  It came out in sections.

Cutting the Steel

First Cut

Cutting the Steel

Then Collapse

It was an interesting sight, and sparks were flying.

Sparks Flying


Three sections were broken down yesterday.  And during that endeavor, Jon couldn’t help but show a feat of strength.

Jon's Feat of Strength

Hulk Smash

This is what we left the sanctuary looking like last night:

Sanctuary with Collapsed Ceiling

View Looking Towards the Chancel Area

In one sense, it’s a little disheartening to see a place of worship come to look so ruinous.  Although by Sunday it will not look so messy, it will be different, and possibly a little uncomfortable.  But this project is a good thing by and large.  Our sanctuary will eventually be more open, warmer, and lending itself more fully to edification in the Spirit.  It is important as we continue forward, too, to be grateful for the work that went into this building originally.  For years this church has served as the worship space for Redeemer Lutheran Church, and without the space from which to build on, we would not have the opportunity now to improve our church.  Ever looking forward to that end product, we can’t help but marvel in the supportive and hard-working congregation we have.  Praise God for giving us these gifts!

The Story of Rick’s Nail

Rick's Nail

Rick’s Nail

One of the first things Rick did a few days ago was cut through a wall to open up a wider entryway.  It was smooth sailing for most of the work, but midway down the wall the saw suddenly was giving him difficulties.  Pushing through the sweat and the ache, Rick continued to cut, thinking, “If all the cutting is this difficult, we’ll never get this project done!”  But he persevered, cutting millimeter after millimeter, seeming to get nowhere.  Finally, he broke through and cut out the rest of the wall.  When he looked to see what had given him such trouble, he found that he had cut straight down through a nail.  As you can tell from the picture, it’s a pretty remarkable sight.  I think, if we can cut through something as tough as nails, we can get this whole project done with nothing but blessings!